Itziar-Deba, Monday, 09 November 2009

Subject.: Quotation of T type milling machine BHP-M30

Model: BHP-M30 Offer Number: SC19291009IA2
• Longitudinal (X)
• Cross (Z)- Ram
• Cross (Z’)
• Cross (W)
• Vertical (Y)
• Table Surface (rotary table)

3.000 mm
1.000 mm
1.000 mm
700 mm –Quill of 150 mm
2.000 mm
2.000 x2.000 mm
Machine composition:
  • Control Heidenhain TNC- i530 – Placed in the rear side next to column
  • Spindle motor 27 kW (S1), 815 Nm
  • 2.200 rpm (continuous), ISO50 DIN 69871A, pull stud DIN 69872
  • Automatic gearbox with 2 steps
  • Thermal compensation.
  • Rotary table 2.000x2.000 mm, non hydrostatic, max. load 25 Tn, 360.000 positions, encoder precision 5”. With movement of 3.000 mm in the X axis. Positioned on another bed with 1.000 mm in perpendicular axis (Z’).
  • Box guideways in all axes.
  • Preloaded ball screws in all the axes
  • Drive system, one ballscrew in all the axes, except vertical axis (Y) where there are 2 ballscrews.
  • Digital Indramat servomotors and drives in all the axes.
  • Internal coolant with 7 bar pump and 1.000 litters tank.
  • Electronic hand wheel HR-410.
  • Hydraulic compensation in the vertical axes
  • Codified lineal scales – Fagor
  • pedal for unclamping tool.
  • Machine guarding according to CE regulations and norms. Complete guards around the machine (H 2.500mm) with front doors
  • Warranty 12 months or 2000 hours whichever comes first
  • Transport&installation not included.



Chip conveyor with goose neck in X course Price:
ATC chain type 30 tools. Price:

Other options under request

Delivery time:
10 working months from order confirmation and prepayment
Terms of payment:
30% when ordering
30% at starting assembly at CME workshop
30% after acceptance at CME’s workshop and prior delivering.
10%after commissioning at customer’s workshop
Validity of the offer: 30 days



• prices are net in euro and do not include charges, taxes or duties.
• exworks terms of delivery (incoterms 2000).
• cme reserves the right to change its prices. the prices stated on the order confirmation are definitive.
• packaging is included only when deliveries are made by lorry.
• the transporting and unloading of the machine are the responsibility of and at the expense of the client.


• in the standard machine price is not included
• the client is responsible for insuring the entire process (except when the machine is on cme’s premises)


• the client shall take receipt of the machine at cme’s premises prior to shipping. if the client fails to state that it shall take receipt of the machine at cme’s premises, it shall be understood that it does not wish to inspect the machine and the checks and inspections carried out by cme shall therefore be considered valid.
• following the installation of the machine at the client’s premises, the subsequent acceptance of the machine shall be based on the tests considered necessary by cme’s technical staff (or its representative’s technical staff) unless otherwise agreed.


10 working months from cme taking receipt of the order confirmation and an advance payment of 30% and once all technical and commercial terms and conditions have been clarified. the delivery date is the date on which the client takes receipt of the machine at cme’s premises. the delivery date could be modified depending on the final configuration of the machine and suppliers respond on material.


CME is responsible for the drawings sent to the client but not for the quality of the foundations. the client is liable for any additional costs arising as a result of problems concerning the construction of the foundations.


• advance payment of 30%.
• payment of 30% once started the assembly at cme’s workshop.
• payment of 30% once the customer has accepted the machine at cme, before sending the machine
• payment of remaining 10% by letter of credit, payable against machine acceptance at customer’s workshop.


• if the client delays payment of either part or all of the agreed amounts, cme reserves the right to claim ownership of the machine and can do so without prior notice before the machine is shipped or by sending notification to the client.


12 months from the moment the machine is commissioned. the warranty covers any manufacturing fault with cme liable for the cost of all materials and labour but not for travelling expenses, accommodation and other expenses incurred by cme’s technical staff, which shall be met by afm.

the modification or replacement of parts during the warranty period shall not result in the extension of said warranty period. the warranty is not valid if the client fails to sign the definitive acceptance document within a period of 15 days following receipt of the machine at the client’s premises.

replaced parts are to be made available to cme. the warranty does not cover faults caused by incorrect handling of the machine by the operator or faults caused by the incorrect assembly of the machine or its parts or modifications and repairs carried out without cme’s approval. the client must carry out all maintenance work at the specific times stipulated in the machine instructions manual. the warranty does not cover damage caused by the failure to carry out the necessary maintenance work.

the client is solely responsible for breakdowns or re-levelling work caused by defective foundations. re-levelling work is considered preventive maintenance and is not covered by the machine warranty.


CME is exempt from any claims for production losses or material damages supposedly caused by the machine not functioning correctly. the parties hereby agree that the courts in san sebastian (guipuzcoa-spain) shall have jurisdiction over any disputes that may arise.